Thursday, October 7, 2010

How To Know When To Get A Remortgage

You may have already been hearing that some of your friends had remortgaged their house and received what they thought was a good deal. You've been wondering if you could do the same, but really have not taken any serious steps forward to do it. Getting a remortgage could be like a breath of fresh air to your finances and may be able to put some extra cash in you pocket. Here is how you can go about getting a remortgage on your house.

The fact that someone you knew got a better deal should be a good indication that better deals are available - at least for some. Only by going through the process can you actually discover whether or not it will work for you. The best place to start is simply by watching the market rates for refinancing, and know what your own rates on your mortgage are.

If the rates are at least 1% (2% is much better, but 1% may work) lower than what you currently have, then it would be a good time to remortgage if everything else looks good, too.

Part of your calculations should be you figuring out if you plan on staying in that house for a few years longer. With new closing costs applied, as well as the possibility of having to pay for an early closure on your existing mortgage, it could take you two or three years to break even.

Then you need to determine whether or not you want to get a fixed rate mortgage or an adjustable rate mortgage. Of course, if you already have an adjustable rate mortgage, and with the present rates being not real good, you may have already made up your mind.

A good reason to remortgage is also to get lower payments. A remortgage could allow you to take your remaining balance and stretch it out again to 30 years. If you already had a 30 year mortgage and have paid on it for ten years, then this will reduce your payments and make them easier to handle. Another possibility would be - if you can afford it - to reduce the time of repayment to say, 15 years - and you could pay off the remortgage quicker, own the house, and still save thousands of dollars in the process. You would need to carefully calculate this, though, after you get the quotes and learn the exact interest rates and costs involved.
Getting access to your equity is another reason you may need to refinance. The longer you have lived in your home, the more equity you will have. Remortgaging will enable you to obtain some of that money for whatever purpose you would like. You can take that long dreamed of vacation, pay for a college education with it, add a room onto your house, or pay off some debts. A remortgage could make it all possible. If you have added rooms onto your house or other major improvements since you moved in, then your equity may be all that much more.

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